RxAdvance is looking to hire 100 talented individuals to join our team.

Join our team! RxAdvance is a disruptive healthcare company that leverages an enterprise platform to transform an antiquated industry. With guidance from visionary leaders, such as John Sculley, former Apple CEO, and Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber, and many other healthcare and technology innovators, RxAdvance embraces innovation and entrepreneurial thought to define the future of healthcare. RxAdvance was founded with a noble cause of enabling coverage of the uninsured and underinsured, while lowering premiums for all Americans, by partially reducing the $900B of administrative and avoidable medical costs across the care continuum.

RxAdvance is seeking motivated, intelligent, mature, customer-centric, passionate, hardworking, organized, self-disciplined individuals with strong analytical and reasoning skills. Those with immense curiosity, positivity, and a bold attitude to respectfully question the status quo with rationalization will excel at RxAdvance with immense career growth potential.

Selected candidates will be exposed to all functional areas including operational, business, finance, compliance, clinical, and client services. Based upon their unique skills and aptitude, employees will be trained for the appropriate role.

RxAdvance is actively hiring for the following roles with bachelor’s in business or science:
1) Business Analyst
2) Operations Analyst
3) Customer Success Representative
 (bachelor’s degree not required)

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We are currently hiring customer service, case management, operations, claims processing, compliance and IT personnel at all levels. General job responsibilities and qualifications are listed below. Send your resume and cover letter to